Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Teen Reading List

As a Language Arts teacher, one of my biggest wishes is that my students continue to read over the summer.  Believe it or not,  a child's Lexile Level (reading ability) can actually improve a hundred points just over summer break.  So, if you have a teen or pre-teen in your home that needs a good novel series to read - I'd like to suggest Among the Hidden by Margaret Haddix.  A few years ago, my youngest daughter was so impressed by the first book in the series, she wanted to read the entire series (6 books) for the summer.  Happy Reading!!

Among the Hidden is a Science Fiction novel that takes place in the United States.  In this world, there is a shortage of food or people are led to believe there is a shortage of food.  In order to deal with a food shortage, the government decides to control the population (Population Police).  No family is allowed to have more than two children.  Families that have a third or fourth child must keep the child hidden, hence the name of the novel Among the Hidden.  The protagonist, Luke, soon finds out that he is not alone and that there are other 3rds and 4ths living and hiding.  This book is interesting and a nail bitter.  My reluctant readers can't stand it when I stop reading between chapters. Great summer read.

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  1. I read daily. There are loads of books on my bedside table. Books bring such joy to the mind. Must recommend these teen reading material to my cousins;-)



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