Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Quest for Better Health

     When I was a little girl, my mom had a book entitled, Better Than Medicine.  It was almost like a bible to her, she was constantly reading, underlining, and rabbit-earring the pages.  She told me that basically the book was teaching her how to live a healthy life style.  Her moto was - preventative care is better than medicine.  I never really understood what she meant until I became a mom.  A few months ago, I was watching a news program about the rising cost of medical care - I had a light bulb moment.  If I did not start taking better care of myself today, what type of medical care could I possibly afford as a senior citizen.  Today my mom is 81 and with the exception of a little dementia, she is in great physical health.
    I made a committment after seeing that news piece that preventive care would lessen my chances for needing meds for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and all the other unknowns.  My first stop - signing up at the gym - I love Pure Fitness (women only - oh yes!)   I feel so much better - physically and mentally since taking on this challenge. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Nite TakeOut - Sushi

                                         Temptation Roll and Spicy Crunch Roll

 My daughter and I had such a busy weekend, we thought cooking a meal tonite was out of the question (good girl, since I'm the one who cooks).  We both agreed nothing would be better than Sushi take-out.  Just a few years ago if my husband would have suggested we eat Sushi instead of burgers and fries from McDonald's or Burger King, I would have thought he was a nut!  If you have never tried Sushi before, give it a try - I promise you'll love it.  There's no need to go to an expensive Japanese restaurant, lots of grocery stores, like H.E.B and Kroger's, makes it fresh on the spot.  It's much better than greasy fries and burgers.  Chow.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day - A Tribute to My Dad


     When I got the idea to pay tribute to my dad on Father's Day, I wasn't quite sure what I would write about.  My dad was a hard working man, who put his family first.  Born in Louisiana, in 1916, he was poor and was only able to get a 3rd grade education.  He worked in the fields with his mother and siblings until he was old enough to join the military (one of the few options available to poor Black males in that era).  He overcame many obstacles - racism, the inability to read and write, poverty.   One day he met my mom and together they made a committment to raise a family together.

My father worked for U.S. Steel Company for many years, purchased property and designed a home to raise us in.  As a school teacher, I use my father as an example to my students of all races, that anyone, can overcome obstacles in their lives.  My father's mom died when he was young, he could not read or write - he signed an X for his signature on many documents, yet he was able to work and accomplish what so many people say that "they can't".  If Lawrence Charles could accomplish, anyone can accomplish.  My mom taught my dad to recognize the names of his favorite baseball teams and to understand the numbers.  He then learned to sign his own name.  He raised a family to love all people, no matter their race or religion.  Bigotry was not allowed in our home.  My sister and I learned so much from him - and this is why we are successful today.  I love to share his story with my students and today I get to share it with the world. My dad died on Easter morning, 1974, but he forever lives in my heart.

 Happy Father's Day to my dad, and to all the dad's around the world.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Living

     School has been out for two weeks now and I am finally setting into enjoying the summer.  One of my motivations for becoming a school teacher was to be able to spend the summer with my children and to be able to support my family.  It's tough for many of us to be stay-at-home-moms on one income.  The next best thing was to work when the kids were at school and have vacations when they had vacations. PERFECT!  Now that my girls are all grown up, they don't need me as much, so now I have lots of time for myself - scrapbooking, gardening, baking, BLOGGING, SHOPPING and EXERCISING!!! I am looking forward to a perfect summer - even though we won't be at the beach (thanks BP) - I'm sure there will be lots of other fun things to do.

The photo of my daughter was taken after the last day of finals at Sam Houston State University.  They headed straight to the beach (about 1 week before the BP disaster).

Friday, June 11, 2010


About a year ago, I discovered my love of jewelry.  My mom told me that as a little girl I was really into handbags - still am, but that's another blog.  I'm one of those types that chooses the ring and earrings first, then find the outfit.  These lovely pieces are from Sipalda  My friend Leslie B. does a fantastic job of keeping me updated on new additions.  Jewelry really is a girl's best friend.

Check out the Sipalda website for beautiful sterling silver pieces that will glam up any wardrobe -

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Holy Guacamole - Featuring My Tomato

Okay, so now that my tomato plant has produced so many delicious fruits - there is only one thing to do!!! - It's guacamole time.  My girlfriends and I got together to celebrate the end of another loooong school year - and of course living in Texas - Margaritas had to be a part of the plan.  But margaritas alone just wont do it - so I made some guacamole.  The trick to making really yummy guacamole is adding this seasoning I just recently discovered.  It is made by Goya and I hear it can be added to just about anything and it taste great.  It makes a mean guacamole.

My ingredients for Guacamole -

2 ripe Avacados
1 HOMEGROWN tomato - chopped in chunks (and for all of you people who can't turn the tomato out,  go to the grocers - like I once did - long, long ago - Yeah right!)
1/2 a small yellow onion - chopped in chunks
A squeeze of fresh lemon juice
One packet of the Goya seasoning mix

Mix all of the ingredients together and enjoy with pita chips.  YUMMY!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Teen Reading List

As a Language Arts teacher, one of my biggest wishes is that my students continue to read over the summer.  Believe it or not,  a child's Lexile Level (reading ability) can actually improve a hundred points just over summer break.  So, if you have a teen or pre-teen in your home that needs a good novel series to read - I'd like to suggest Among the Hidden by Margaret Haddix.  A few years ago, my youngest daughter was so impressed by the first book in the series, she wanted to read the entire series (6 books) for the summer.  Happy Reading!!

Among the Hidden is a Science Fiction novel that takes place in the United States.  In this world, there is a shortage of food or people are led to believe there is a shortage of food.  In order to deal with a food shortage, the government decides to control the population (Population Police).  No family is allowed to have more than two children.  Families that have a third or fourth child must keep the child hidden, hence the name of the novel Among the Hidden.  The protagonist, Luke, soon finds out that he is not alone and that there are other 3rds and 4ths living and hiding.  This book is interesting and a nail bitter.  My reluctant readers can't stand it when I stop reading between chapters. Great summer read.


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