Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's All About the Brush

Recycled Candle Holder

I found a creative way (or at least I thought it was creative) to store my Mac make-up brushes.  When I apply makeup in the mornings before work, the last thing I want to do is get up from my vanity, dig through my handbag -a.k.a. The Black Hole, Bottomless Pit - to look for my makeup bag.   I found a decorative tea-light holder that was no longer being used for that purpose and decided it would be a great way to have my brushes handy. 
This very simple solution helps to keep my brushes clean and displayed beautifully on my bathroom vanity.


  1. so clever! i have been looking for something to put my brushes in....

  2. Hi Deb, you sure have a lot of make-up brushes. That's a great idea, the couple I have are usually at the bottom of a make-up bag. So, you didn't buy flowers? Sounds like you are in the mood to do some gardening with the flower shopping and a new fountain being installed. Good luck with those projects!

  3. @Joan - Yes, I do have alot of makeup brushes - sshhhh, don't tell my husband. The weather over the weekend was horrible, so I stayed in and on Monday, I had to go back to work (Spring Break holiday over!!!). As soon as things warm up and brighten up I'll be back on the trail for flowers. The fountain arrives on Thursday!!!

  4. That is really pretty, much much better than my drawer!

  5. I love it! Great idea. I love finding 'things' around that can make it easier to function!

  6. These look great! Good idea! :) Happy weekend lovely! xo



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