Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fine Wine

I love to entertain at my home, so I always make sure to have a variety of wines on hand for last minute guest or quick dinners with friends.

Wine in a bottle is a living thing. The effects of time cause gradual changes in its flavors. Variation in temperature is its enemy, so proper storage is a fundamental product need. Some basic principles in storage will go far to enhance your enjoyment of wine. Once you have purchased wine, whether it's a few bottles or several cases, you need to address the issue of storage.
Keep the bottles stored so that:

•the bottle is on its side so the cork stays moist
•the wines are at the lowest stable temperature possible
•the location is free of vibration
•the location is not a storage area for other items that have a strong odor
Refrain from placing your rack on top of the refrigerator. Your refrigerator is hot, close to the light and vibrates from the refrigerator compressor.


  1. Thanks for dropping by luxe life and for the lovely compliment. I think everyone who knows me is thrilled that I'm out of sweat pants. Good stuff here! :)

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