Sunday, March 7, 2010

Creating the Perfect Garden

When Chris and I purchased our home we decided that not only would it be a great place to live, it would become a vacation spot for us as well. About a year ago I put in a Flagstone patio in our backyard and purchased really beautiful patio furniture. We love relaxing on the patio in the mornings with a cup of coffee and later having a drink around the fire pit. The one thing I knew we were missing was a water feature. At first I wanted a jacuzzi, but after being presented with the cost and the work - we both decided that it was much more than what we wanted to deal with. The sound of water can be very relaxing, so the next best thing was to look for a water fountain. Water fountains can add so much beauty to a yard. My youngest daughter, Kelli, and I went on a hunt for the perfect water feature. We also saw some pretty awesome statues as well.

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