Sunday, July 11, 2010

Retail Therapy?!?!

A couple of weeks ago a co-worker posted on FaceBook that she needed a little "retail therapy" to make herself happy again.  I just about lost it!  I thought that was funniest thing ever, but I definetly agreed with her there is nothing like a little retail therapy to make a girl happy.  Retail therapy can be costly these days (financing a college student's summer living expenses and a teenage at home!!).  My oldest daughter- living on a budget- introduce me to Ross - sort of a discount store.  These stores claim to purchase overstocked items from other companies and then pass the savings on to the consumer.  Now - due to my great respect I have for those "Fashionistas" in the know - I promised myself to NEVER post anything about fashion - however I am about to break that promise.  THIS IS NOT ABOUT FASHION - it's about living on a strict summer budget while maintaining necessary retail therapy.  So, with that in mind here is my pic of some recent deals I got a Ross and Payless Shoe Store.

I purchased these two really cute t-shirts by Candy Rain from Ross - total cost $12.00 dollars and a black cotton blend jacket for $6.99.  The sandles - which I love - cost $12.00 from Payless.  Okay, so it's not Anne Klein, Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors, but it's fun and cute.  At least I think it's cute.  So I got a little therapy for under $35.00 (if you don't count the Starbucks Passion Ice Tea I stopped for on the drive home).  Okay so , I took the plunge, I'm putting myself out there for criticism.  But hey, this blog is about the THINGS THAT I LUV.  I love a good deal, retail therapy, lunch with my girl friends and just plain old having fun.


  1. Isn't it fun to come home with so much for so little? I LUV those sandals, I am going to have to go by Payless!

  2. I LOVE Ross, I was just talking about it today! They have great housewares, too! Cute finds! XO!

  3. Are you kidding? I love Ross! I used to haunt it all the time but I've been trying to stay away as I have enough. Now that my son is heading off to college in the Fall, I've been going regularly again picking up some new clothes and bedding. We are getting a brand new Ross in our town. It's currently under construction. I can't wait :)
    It will be much harder to stay away...

  4. Ya know sometimes men like a little "retail therapy" too.



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